Even for Balance

Bright, even lighting replaces inconsistent, poor quality fluorescent systems.


American Hofmann Corporation designs and manufactures universal balancing machines and custom-designed balancing systems that meet the specific needs of their customers, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of an application.

“We like to take on challenges. Anything that rotates, we can build a machine that balances it,” says Dan Grosch, Electrical Engineering Manager, American Hofmann Corporation. 

Wherever you stand with a light meter you can measure the lux, and it’s very even within the work area.

-Dan Grosch, Electrical Engineering Manager, American Hofmann Corporation


To illuminate work areas, enclosures and control cabinets on these machines, Hofmann previously relied on fluorescent light fixtures—ranging from simple T8 fixtures to more complex and expensive fixtures protected by impact-resistant Lexan lenses. The lights were typically hard-mounted and wired into the equipment, requiring a separate AC circuit for power. The light that was produced was inconsistent and uneven—too bright in some areas and not bright enough in others.  According to Grosch, “The fixtures we were using did not disperse the light correctly. No matter what kind of lens we used, the overall lux in the work area was not enough.”

Machine end users had to regularly remove, replace and recycle the fluorescent bulbs. Periodically, ballasts would fail and have to be replaced. On occasion, an entire light fixture would have to be switched out. The more complex the maintenance required, the greater the machine downtime and expense necessary for the repair.


After reviewing multiple fluorescent and LED lighting alternatives, Grosch chose Banner LED lights. Light distribution was a critical factor in the company’s decision. WLB32 LED light bars provide uniform, daylight white illumination. Their 120° beam angle directs the light right where it is needed. The fluorescent lights distributed light in all directions at 360° and relied upon diffusers and reflectors to direct the light.

The ease of installation and range of available mounting brackets also significantly influenced the company’s decision. “The labor required to do the wiring is much less. You can cascade the lights from one light to another. The range of mounting brackets is also a convenience and a time and money saver. Overall, mounting and wiring a WLB32 LED light bar probably takes a quarter of the time needed to install a fluorescent fixture.”

With an operational lifespan of 50,000 hours or more, Banner’s WLB32 LED light bars simply outperform and will outlast the fluorescent light fixtures. They will never require a bulb or ballast replacement over their lifespan, providing years of brilliant, no maintenance machine illumination.

“I do not have a WLB32 that has failed yet, but I have many fluorescent units that have failed.” Dan Grosch, Electrical Engineering Manager, American Hofmann Corporation

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Why Banner?

Even Light

The WLB32's 120° beam angle directs light where its needed for an even, no-glare glow.

Low Profile

Its low-profile and length options mean the WLB32 can fit into a variety of enclosures and cabinets—making it an all-around winner for customized solutions.