Bright in Tight

Cost-effective LED lights replace fluorescent fixtures in machine enclosures.


An equipment manufacturer designs and builds ultrasonic weld machines used for many manufacturing applications. A machine made for an automotive components manufacturer is housed in a large enclosure. Illumination of the enclosure allows operators to monitor the welding process and facilitates machine maintenance.

Often times our customers will tell us that prior to Banner’s WLB32, LED lighting was too expensive to even consider using for machine lighting.

-Dan C., National Sales Director


The enclosure was illuminated by a two-foot long, dual-bulb fluorescent light fixture  mounted at the top of the enclosure wall. The light it created was inconsistent and uneven. The bulbs required regular replacement and special handling for disposal. Periodic ballast replacements further complicated maintenance. The company had considered switching to an LED solution, but cost had been prohibitive.


A Banner representative visiting the manufacturer installed a WLB32 industrial LED light bar into the enclosure. The WLB32 was mounted adjacent to the work area. The compact 285 mm design ensures it will not interfere with machine operation.

The WLB32 provides superior illumination and is far more efficient at delivering light than the fluorescent fixture. It has a 120° beam angle which directs the light to the work area to produce brilliant, even illumination. The fluorescent fixture disperses light in all directions, 360° around the bulbs. Additionally, the WLB32 is priced competitively to the fluorescent fixture.

The company chose to standardize on the WLB32 LED light bars to illuminate all their weld machine enclosures. The availability of lights in lengths from 285 mm to 1130 mm as well as AC or DC power options allows the company to design to the specifications of the WLB32 and choose the best power variant for the application.

Over their 50,000 hour lifespan, Banner’s WLB32 LED light bars will require no bulb or ballast replacements. By standardizing on the WLB32, the company was able to provide their customers with years of maintenance-free enclosure illumination.

Why Banner?


WLB32 LED lights provided superior illumination, efficiency and longevity and were cost comparable to fluorescent fixtures

Compact Design

A fraction of the size of the fluorescent fixture, the WLB32 fit in an optimal position to illuminate the work area